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Southern Leyte


            Outreach Asia is proud to have established a college sponsorship program for students attending Southern Leyte State University locate in So. Leyte, Philippines.  With the assistance of government subsidy the remaining tuition is $350 per year Leyte, $700/yr Manila area, per student.  We are looking for sponsors for the June 2016 school year so that one of these bright young individuals will obtain their quest for higher education and a better life. If you would like to sponsor a student, please contact us.


GEMS College Fund

GEMS was founded with a primary mission to help impoverished children achieve their personal and economic potential by graduating from high school. The program has a significant impact on the lives of participating children and their families, as evidenced in the successful high school graduation of the first GEMS children this spring. With the assistance of GEMS and their dedicated sponsors, these students have overcome profound social, economic, academic, and cultural barriers in reaching their educational goals.

As the GEMS project reaches this educational milestone, it is evident that some of these children have the academic talent to continue their education into college or vocational training. These children have the potential to be the first in their families to not only graduate from high school, but to attend college - an achievement that would accelerate the release of these children and their families from the grip of poverty. Armed with a college degree or vocational certificate, GEMS youth can fully overcome the daily reality of the daunting social, economic and environmental obstacles in their community and build a safe, healthy and productive future. These youth will also provide positive and successful role models and mentors to younger children in the GEMS community.

With your help, a college education can be within the reach of these talented GEMS youth. The GEMS College Fund has been established to create a tuition pool for GEMS children who successfully graduate from high school and clearly demonstrate both the desire and academic potential for college and vocational school.

We are now graciously accepting donations in any amount for the Gems College Fund.

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Nicalyn Agor graduates Cum Laude from Los Banos University 2010 - Congratulations Nicalyn!!

Southern Leyte State University
Outreach Asia Graduating Students

Congradulations 2009 Graduates!!!!
Outreach Asia Scholars


Sponsored Students Visit Outreach Asia Office
Students Recieved Christmas Gifts From Sponsors

Scholars - 2008 Christmas Lunch Program

Sponsor - Rich Peck USA , Visits his student
Rojean - Sponsored Student

Q. If I sponsor a student at Southern Leyte State Univeristy, how many years does this last? How about in the Manila area schools.
A. Most students plan to attend 4-years. In Manila, some of our Gems high school grads would like to attend either a 4 year college or a two year trade school.
Q. $330 does not seem like very much for a full year of college, why is this so?
A. SLSU is a public college with 75% of the tuition sudsidized by the Philippine Gov't. The remaining 25% amounts to an average of $330.
A. What about tuition cost of $700 to $900 for a student going to a college or trade school in Manila.
Q. The cost is higher in the Metro Manila area schools.
Q. Besides my $330 tuition support, can I help my student or their family in other ways?
A.  We insituted a 'Student Expense Fund' to help with their transportation, school modules and lunch. The suggesed amount is $250 per year, or $1.20 per day of school. In Addition, at Christmas time, we ask for $40-45 from each sponsor. This is an optional program. With these funds, we provide a gift of a 110 lb. sack of rice and 2 kg of pork meat. You can also elect to help your student with their food costs, which are $40 per month during their school year or send a gift for their birthday.
Q. Can we write to our sponsored student/s?
A. Yes, as many times as you would like. Due to the cost of postage, the students generally will drop their letters off at our office in Leyte and they will be fowarded to us here in the US for distribution to the sponsor.
Q. How do I become a sponsor?
A. The school year begins in June, since the high school summer is April and May. Please email us at and let us know if you have a preference of sponsoring a male or female student. We have many applicants available and if you prefer, you can choose.
Q. Can we visit the school and our student?
A. Yes, and we can help to make your visit very easy.